Helen Grady

Helen Grady, MA, MFT, MBA

Board Member and Facilitator
Helen is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Master Executive and Life Coach.  In practice since 1995, Helen has expertise in grief and loss, life transitions, parenting issues, stress management, crisis intervention and communication skills.   She created and implemented Good Grief for Kids, a children’s bereavement program, for Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.

Prior to her career as a therapist, Helen was the financial controller for an agribusiness in Southern California.

In 2011, Helen’s husband died of cancer.   Helen brings to our organization her professional skills, personal experience and compassionate presence.

Joy Smith

Joy Smith, RN, MSN

Board Member and Facilitator
Joy is an Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist with 35 years of experience educating and coaching people with cancer and their families.  Most recently, she has worked as the Oncology Nurse Educator at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and was instrumental in establishing the Palliative Medicine Service in addition to Cancer Center professional and patient programs.

Joy brings to Papillon her commitment and expertise in providing high quality comprehensive services and educational programs regarding loss and bereavement.


Lisa Handley

Lisa Handley

Guest Facilitator
Lisa Handley is a Monterey Peninsula artist and trained SoulCollage® facilitator with a passion for papercraft, collage and expressive art. She designs and handcrafts her own line of Plumeria Papercraft notecards and gifts inspired by nature and the whimsy, beauty and simplicity of life. As a cancer survivor and participant in Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula’s healing art program, Lisa discovered SoulCollage®’s intuitive, insightful and beneficial impact on her personal journey and was motivated to become a professional facilitator, offering experiences in the SoulCollage® process to others. She also offers a variety of adult workshops and elementary after-school classes including papercraft, collage and MeCards4Kids™, an adaptation of SoulCollage® for young children. In addition to Plumeria Papercraft and SoulCollage®, Lisa loves being a mom, volunteering at school, connecting with family and friends, dabbling in other art forms, beachcombing, hiking, writing (some of which she shares publicly on her blog, Paper And Ponder) and aspiring to live a grateful, mindful, healthy life. For more information, visit www.plumeriapapercraft.com.

Amelia Craig

Amelia Craig, MA Counseling Psychology, MBA

Board Member and Facilitator
Amelia is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Licensed Professional Fiduciary.

Her therapy practice focuses on helping people prepare for and meet the challenges of major life changes, particularly loss. She has been a volunteer facilitator for various hospice bereavement groups as well as for Good Grief for Kids. Her work as a professional fiduciary helps to support those who can no longer manage their own financial affairs as well as supporting them and their families through the difficult transitions through end of life. She is a founding board member of the Compassionate Care Alliance which focused on providing education and improving access to a quality end of life experience.

Amelia brings to Papillon her dedication to helping those experiencing life transitions guided by both her own experiences of loss, her professional training, and her skills developed through her work as a therapist.


Miriam Little

Miriam Little, M.S., MF

Facilitator Miriam is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In 2015, she joined Papillon as a facilitator and continues to work with drop-in groups, individuals and Good Grief for Kids. In her practice Miriam works with adults and children on a variety of issues. Prior to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist, Miriam was an attorney with Federal Government agencies and enjoyed helping her clients serve the public good.

Miriam has experienced significant personal losses and is grateful for the amazing support she received on her own grief journey. She brings to Papillon a desire to offer that same support to others in a safe and supportive environment, along with her personal and professional knowledge.

Terri Kaltenbach

Terri Kaltenbach, RN

Facilitator Terri is a maternal child nurse with 30 years of experience working in labor and delivery, primarily at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. During her career, she has served as a Perinatal Bereavement Counselor and Coordinator as well as participating on the Palliative Medicine Team.

Terri’s work with families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss has included planning for the delivery of a baby with a life limiting diagnosis, as well as caring for the families during the delivery process and supporting them in their grief from the loss.

Certified as a Perinatal Bereavement Counselor and Coordinator through Resolve Through Sharing, Terri is passionate about creating lasting memories while coaching and supporting families with dignity and respect. She is looking forward to bringing her skills and compassion to the community through her work as a volunteer facilitator of Papillon’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group.


Zosia Chciuk


Facilitator Zosia brings 43 years of experience and expertise as a neonatal nurse to her role as a volunteer facilitator for the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support group at Papillon Center. In her nursing role in the nursery at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Zosia participates in the Palliative Medicine Team and has cared for many families who have lost a baby always with exceptional skill and devotion.

Zosia believes that every family has a right to grieve in their own way and time. She is enthusiastic about the opportunity to give this kind of grief a voice and to expand the outreach of services to the tri-county area.