• Lisa

Covid Can't Stop Good

If you are looking for ways to support our local community during this time of uncertainty, we ask you to please remember to continue supporting Papillon. Help us ensure that as soon as it is safe to reopen and resume our groups and workshops, we can continue to offer our complete range of programs and services for those grieving in our community.

Just as communities are showing support for small businesses during this global pandemic, small nonprofit organizations like Papillon are in need of similar support.

You can mail a check to our office or click on the Support tab here on our website to donate online (one time payment or monthly giving in your designated amount). https://www.papillon-center.org/support

Did you know you can also organize your own fundraiser for Papillon on Facebook? Network for Good makes sure we receive your donations through that platform. https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/

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