• Gilda

Message from Joy

We are living in unchartered times.

Times that contain so much loss…..loss of a sense of safety in the future, loss of connection, loss of financial stability, loss of routine. These losses bring up feelings like sadness, anger, aloneness, anxiety….the emotions of grief.

Layer these current losses on top of the loss of a loved one and those who are grieving have been inoculated with losses upon loss.

In unchartered times, we need to amplify our self care as best we can. So please:

Be mindful of your nutrition

Protect your rest

Go outside every day; breath deep

Walk…and leave your worries on your door step

Be as present as you can; focus on what is true right now

Do something creative

Reach out! Connect! Support someone else!

If we can connect, we are more apt to do more to take care of ourselves. Papillon, in the absence of in person groups, is on a fast track to help connect people who are grieving through on line platforms, our web site and a buddy program. Please make www.papillon-center.org one of your favorite web sites to visit for support and connection through these unchartered times.

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