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NPR Interview on Grief

Papillon's co-founder Joy Smith encourages us to listen to this linked interview by David Kessler, speaker and writer focused on grief, loss, hospice and palliative care and Dr. Sonya Lott, clinical psychologist specializing in anticipatory, acute and complicated grief counseling. David Kessler is founder of Grief.com and author of "Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief." Dr. Sonya Lott is founder and CEO of Continuing Education in Multicultural Psychology, an organization providing continuing education in multicultural competency for mental health professionals and host of the podcast, “Reflections on Multicultural Competence.”

From Joy...

I find this experience is a bit like peeling an onion. Layers are revealed as time goes by and as I wrestle with my personal reality and that of our country.

As with many things that feel unfamiliar, stressful and scary, it can help to have a “framework” to try to make sense of the experience.

We invite you to listen to the referenced podcast recorded on the NPR On Point radio show with Meghna Chakrabarti. Her guest, Dr. David Kessler, provides us with a framework to consider as we grapple with the many changes in our lives and our concern for the future.

The foundation of this framework is grief. Certainly, there is grief when a loved one dies of this virus. But there is a universal, collective grief that we all are confronted with. It essentially is the loss of the world as we knew it. Dr. Kessler reminds of us 9/11. Parts of our world changed forever that day….the most obvious being flying on an airplane. When was the last time you met an arriving passenger at the gate?

Once we have a framework that helps us make sense of the emotional and mental health aspects of our experience, we can then begin to pack our tool box…to learn and to adopt strategies, tools and support to help us find our way through.

Please listen to Dr. Kessler’s words. And don’t hesitate to call Papillon or visit our web page for updates on our programs and suggestions for your tool box.


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